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3AW Radio Interview

Posted By 3AW Radio ,
Feb 01 2018

ABC Radio Interview

Posted By ABC Radio ,
Jan 23 2018

Victoria won't follow NSW on building defects reform

Posted By The Age ,
Jan 22 2018

Apartment owners face $60,000 cladding blow after court ruling protects builders

Posted By The Age ,
Jan 20 2018

The strata building bond and inspections scheme. All states and territories should follow suit!

Posted By Look Up Strata ,
Jan 16 2018

Experts criticise law to protect home buyers from dodgy developers

Posted By Sydney Morning Herald ,
Jan 05 2018

Balcony safety: Households should conduct periodic balcony inspections

Posted By ABC News TV,
Dec 18 2017

Combustible cladding: Residents' insurance costs quadruple after fire probe finds non-compliant coating

Posted By ABC News ,
Dec 10 2017

Combustible cladding

Posted By ABC News TV ,
Dec 09 2017

Council orders Brunswick block owners to get a $2m flammable cladding fix

Posted By The Age ,
Dec 08 2017

Australia Must Stop Cladding Apartments with Flammable Material

Posted By Sourceable ,
Dec 05 2017

Could this be a solution to the cladding fiasco?

Posted By Look Up Strata ,
Nov 21 2017

Footscray townhouses to be demolished despite approval sign of industry malaise

Posted By The Age ,
Nov 18 2017

Strategies for after the property boom

Posted By Financial Review ,
Sep 30 2017

Yes, but does it have a basement?

Posted By ABC Radio National ,
Sep 16 2017

High rise owners face bill for replacing dangerous cladding

Posted By Financial Review ,
Sep 15 2017

Inflammable cladding crisis creates 'legal minefield' for building industry

Posted By Financial Review,
Sep 12 2017

We Are Wrapping Buildings in Tens of Thousands of Litres of Petrol

Posted By Look Up Strata ,
Sep 12 2017