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Expert Witness Report

Our 35 years history and experience in reporting makes Roscon the #1 choice. Specializing in VCAT Expert Witness Construction & Real Estate Matters, Forensic Building Defects & Costings Reports, Forensic Water Ingress Reports, Thermal Imaging & Forensic Engineering Reports, Fire Engineering Reports, Project Management Services and Cladding Reports.

Registered Building Practitioner - VBA DB-U 13329 & CB-U 4272 - Licensed Estate Agent Equivalent registrations in NSW & QLD.


What Is the Role of an Expert Witness?

It involves consideration of all the evidence to be presented at initial mediation and or trial and then advising the Court on the areas where fault lies and where liability rests. A report is provided to the VCAT or other courts, and where necessary, the expert is called to give evidence under oath.

Why hire an Expert Witness?

Our in-house expert witness is highly experienced in mediation and arbitration, often we recommend viable and preferable routes to settling disputes out of court. If formal litigation proves necessary, our expert witness can ensure your case is presented in the best possible way by focusing on the key points of the dispute and backing up potential points of contention with their industry expertise.

Who are our Expert Witnesses?

Our expert witness Paul Cummaudo has a wide
range of building experience and other related
industry backgrounds which is essential, command and in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in the construction industry since 1987. Our evidence is independent, credible, in-demand and we can resolve often complex and detailed disputes.


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Why choose Roscon?




Roscon provides real time and prompt assistance to all our members and their tenants, landlords and occupants through our national call centre 1800 767 266. 



Roscon believes in a high quality service where safety is treated with the upmost respect. 



Roscon has a developed a comprehensive understanding of the high standards required to not only meet but exceed expectations. 


Qualified & Experienced

All of Roscon's staff and contractors are fully trained in their field of expertise. We are interested in your success. 


Registered Building Practitioner

Roscon’s policies and procedures are accredited with ISO 9001, Master Builders Association (DB-U 13329) & (CB-U 4272), Australian Institute of Project Management and Strata Community Australia.


Cutting Edge Technology

Roscon is well-appointed with the latest equipment and technology such as thermal imaging and drones for inspections.