Reinstatement & Replacement Insurance Report

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Insurance Reinstatement Report

Roscon’s Reinstatement & Replacement Insurance Reports are very detailed, unlike most of our competitors who provide only the current insurable amount.


Eliminate the Guesswork

Our report doesn’t just provide one year’s valuation, we forecast 5 years so you can monitor your insurer’s automatic annual increases.

Accurate Rent & Temporary Accommodation

We provide an accurate assessment from rental and comparable sales data available to us, to estimate the Loss of Rent / Temporary Accommodation.

Multiple Owner’s Corporations

Roscon can provide a separate Reinstatement & Replacement valuation for each individual Owner’s Corporation. Our report will also provide a summary showing the status of all OC’s which can be passed on to your current insurer or other insurers to obtain a more competitive insurance quote.

Insurance Reports Recommendations

Roscon recommends all Owners Corporations should obtain a Reinstatement & Replacement Insurance Report every five years even if they aren’t prescribed, to ensure they will be fully covered in the event of a major disaster.

Service | Quality | Value

Why choose Roscon?




Roscon provides real time and prompt assistance to all our members and their tenants, landlords and occupants through our national call centre 1800 767 266. 



Roscon believes in a high quality service where safety is treated with the upmost respect. 



Roscon has a developed a comprehensive understanding of the high standards required to not only meet but exceed expectations. 


Qualified & Experienced

All of Roscon's staff and contractors are fully trained in their field of expertise. We are interested in your success. 


Registered Building Practitioner

Roscon’s policies and procedures are accredited with ISO 9001, Master Builders Association (DB-U 13329) & (CB-U 4272), Australian Institute of Project Management and Strata Community Australia.


Cutting Edge Technology

Roscon is well-appointed with the latest equipment and technology such as thermal imaging and drones for inspections.


Insurance Reinstatement Report Sample