Balcony safety: Households should conduct periodic balcony inspections

Posted By ABC News TV,
Dec 18 2017

Combustible cladding: Residents' insurance costs quadruple after fire probe finds non-compliant coating

Posted By ABC News ,
Dec 10 2017

Combustible cladding

Posted By ABC News TV ,
Dec 09 2017

Council orders Brunswick block owners to get a $2m flammable cladding fix

Posted By The Age ,
Dec 08 2017

Australia Must Stop Cladding Apartments with Flammable Material

Posted By Sourceable ,
Dec 05 2017

Could this be a solution to the cladding fiasco?

Posted By Look Up Strata ,
Nov 21 2017

Footscray townhouses to be demolished despite approval sign of industry malaise

Posted By The Age ,
Nov 18 2017

Strategies for after the property boom

Posted By Financial Review ,
Sep 30 2017

Yes, but does it have a basement?

Posted By ABC Radio National ,
Sep 16 2017

High rise owners face bill for replacing dangerous cladding

Posted By Financial Review ,
Sep 15 2017

We Are Wrapping Buildings in Tens of Thousands of Litres of Petrol

Posted By Look Up Strata ,
Sep 12 2017

Inflammable cladding crisis creates 'legal minefield' for building industry

Posted By Financial Review,
Sep 12 2017

Esky Houses

Posted By Today Tonight ,
Sep 07 2017

Senate Moves to Ban Polyethylene Cladding in Australia

Posted By Sourceable ,
Sep 07 2017

Audio 4:40 - 9:15

Posted By FIVEaa Adelaide Radio 3 ,
Aug 03 2017

Danger of foam homes

Posted By Herald Sun ,
Jul 28 2017

Dodgy Builders Using Foam Instead of Bricks to Build Homes

Posted By The Daily Mail ,
Jul 28 2017

Australian Building Crisis: Shoddy Builders Using Foam Bricks on Cheap Homes

Posted By The Daily Telegraph ,
Jul 28 2017