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Forensic Engineering Reports

Roscon’s Engineering Reports are widely used in the industry to target isolated issues, including building movement, concrete cancer, over pinning and under pinning, structural analysis, drainage review and foundation design… just to name a few.  To avoid costly destructive testing, Roscon utilises multiple progressive technologies. These include thermal imaging for water ingress and overheating electrical switchboard investigations and CCTV footage for structural analysis and drainage review to provide you with our comprehensive opinion.  


Quick Video

Please take the time to watch this three minute video on Roscon's Forensic Engineers Reports.


Forensic Engineering Reports Video


Are your buildings experiencing cracking or movement?

Our team of civil, structural and mechanical engineers can provide you with a broad range of advice on root cause examination, structural integrity, dead load / live load computations and project design consultancy. We provide you a detailed report with our findings and recommendations including short and long term action plans. Additionally our findings are marked on building floor plans or plan of subdivisions for easy reference.


Roscon can assist by developing a scope of works after conducting our detailed forensic site investigation. This step is critical for achieving the desired outcome and obtaining quotes, which enable the committee to compare apples with apples, rather than receiving dissimilar quotes for diverse scopes.    


Our evaluation of the tenders provides the committee piece of mind, as we conduct all the due diligence checks. These include previous works completed, reference checks and site visits with the contractors or builders who have submitted their proposals to provide the committee with a detailed evaluation.


Don’t let Concrete Cancer destroy your biggest asset!

Concrete Cancer is caused by many factors including carbonation, moisture, efflorescence and salt. When concrete cracks, water penetrates through causing the steel reinforcement deep inside to rust. Rusting steel then sheds its skin forcing the layers of rust to push away the concrete surrounding it.  This results in large or small pieces of concrete falling away and allowing steel reinforcement to become even more corroded and may cause devastating wear on both the steel and the concrete.  On the outside of the affected concrete you will see rust stains, broken concrete or even rusted steel reinforcement pushing through your concrete slab, walkway, eave, awning, facade, garage, flat roofs, balcony edges etc. However, what you can't see is the spread of the ‘cancer’ throughout the concrete, which will continue to spread if left untreated.  Roscon conducts forensic on-site investigations, subsequently followed by a detailed report outlining the best methods required to treat and permanently repair spalling/concrete cancer.


Below are some Forensic Engineering Report samples:

Sample One

Sample Two

Sample Three


small-phone-icon.png - small For further information download or Forensic Engineering Report Brochure or contact Roscon on 1800 767 266.